Last name and name: Cavinato, Santiago
Profession: Photographer
Date of born: 29th October of 1980
Nationality: argentine
e-mail: : info@scavinato.com
web www.scavinato.com


• Photographic course: “Development of proyect” by Juan Travnik and Julio Fuks (2004)
• Course of photography of theatre and dance with Carlos Furman (Complejo teatral de Buenos Aires) (2003)
• Photographic course with Juan Travnik: “A way to express” (2001/2002/2003)
• Seminary photography artistic of wedding with Marcos Andreoni (Brasil) (2002)
• Seminary of naked in the AFPA (Association of professional photographers of the Republica Argentina) (2002)
• Seminary of training of the program Pro Image for professionals photographers documental journalistic photography with Julio Menajovsky (2002)
• Technique of B&N with Juan Travnik
• Seminary of training of the program Pro Image for professionals photographers The Publicist Book, second part with Andy Cherniavsky (2001)
• Seminary of training of the program Pro Image for professionals photographers “Weddings of dreams” (2001)
• Photographic course B/N with Lutz Maschke (2001)
• Photographic course with Alfredo Willimburg (1999-2000)
• Photographic course B/N with David Beniluz (2000/2002)
• Specialization (CBO 3) photography (1997/2001) with Hernán Alejandro Opitz
• Basic Occupational Cycle Nº3


• Productive of the Flash Image and Design enterprise (2005)
• Creator of the images in white and black of the Slang disc of group 34 puñaladas (2005)
• Asistent of setting up of the FotoGaleria of the Teatro San Martín (at the present time)
• Photographer of the group of tango 34 puñaladas (2003/2004/2005)
• Apprenticeship in the Departamento Fotográfico del Complejo Teatral Buenos Aires (2001)
• Collaborator in the page of Música de UOL Argentina (1999/2000)
• Member of the juror of the photographic exposition CBO 3 (1998)


  • Sample “Urban Dogmas” in the Oxiro space - it rains are the seven, Buenos Aires. Sample within the frame of XIV Opened Encounter of Photography, Festival of the light in Argentina (2006).
  • It shows “Urban Dogmas“ in the Direction of Tourism of Santiago del Estero, it shows within the frame of XIV the Opened Encounter of photography, festival of the light in Argentina (2006).
  • “Urbans Dogmas” in the Centro Cultural Artilaria Buenos Aires ( 2003)
  • “Urbans Dogmas” City of San Nicolas prov. of Buenos Aires ( 2003)
  • "Retazos" in the Club Argentino de Ajedrez (2000)


• “Ansia y Devoción” version Rosarina, Centro Cultural Parque de España city of Rosario prov. of Buenos Aires ( 2003)
• “ Ansia y Devoción” Fundación Proa ( 2003)
• (CBO3) in the Centro Cultural General San Martín ( 2000)
• Finalist of the First Encounter and First Photographic Exposition Latinamerican about the Third Age(1999)


• Responsable of the studio “the other glance”, in the city of San Nicolas during the exhibition of “Urbans Dogmas”. The studio is a work of development of skills of disabled assistents (2003)