4About Santiago Cavinato

With only 25 years and more than 6 like photographer, Santiago Cavinato, already has exposed part of this series in the sample Anxiety and Devotion that was carried out in the Foundation Prow during year 2003, with curaduría of Rodrigo Alonso. Student of recognized photographers like Juan Travnik, Lutz Maschke, Carlos Furman and David Beniluz, at the moment works on two new photographic projects that are distanced of this fusion of picture and journalistic chronicle. This year has been selected for the first time to participate within the frame of the Opened Encounter of Photography, Festival of the Light, as much in the city of Santiago of the Matting, where Integra the official section of he himself, as well as in the city of Buenos Aires, during the month of September as Sample Associated in the Oxiro Gallery.

The development of the creative and cognitivas capacities in incapacities children and adolescents or with “other” capacities goes generally of the hand of therapeutic practices. Nevertheless the possibility search of the vocation through artistic expressions is a reality.


4About the work

Santiago Cavinato proposes an interesting glance here to us, where the semantic nucleus of its visual speech is located in the fragmentation of a gesture that is ríspido, full of tension and distresses. The resistance in the images subscribes that double joint between a faith act, (an act of loyalty towards a superior being) and the frustration, the descreimiento before a society that lacks mechanisms to mitigate the poverty. Today there is not no work, and possibly tomorrow either. “Possibly” it is the differential in that they lean, and endorse to a dogma that says to have the power to activate the means that revert the situation. With faith it only can get to be included/understood that a supernatural Being is only the able one to solve a so human subject. 

Hernán Alejandro Opitz, curator

Photos by Dolores de Torres