4 Studio “The other glance”

“The other glance”: it is a studio of photography for children and adolescents with different capacities (disabled) that it must by objective use this artistic form like space of development of its capacities, to the time that allows to cross the history of the photography from its beginnings to today, with its technological and aesthetic changes.


The Studio is made in two modules, in a seminary form and it is posible to be structured of diverse forms: on the one hand the intensive format, between three (3) to five (5) days of duration, or of 6 months to 1 year duration, where the practical work is without doubts the more deep. Its internal structure of development includes so much the exhibition of audio-visual material (videos), as the explanatory theoretical class and finally practical exercises of photography.


This studio/seminary  is design for a group that does not surpass the twenty (20) people with motor inability or a difficulty not very severe.

In the studio are seen works of Photographers already consecrated with the objective of which each student becomes a photographer and power to make his own photographic project (folder).

These diverse steps soon allow to make work of photography with the participants of the studio with the purpose of carrying out a collective sample in a cultural space (cultural center or gallery of art) so that the photographers and the public in general can appreciate the works that the assistants can make


In The other glance cameras are seen from the history of the photography happening through works with analogical cameras (35 millimeters) “that any photographer adapted” from the operation of the equipment handles to the moment of taking.


Also tools of laboratory and their characteristics of use, the sensitivity of the film and the photographic paper to the light are seen.

In the studio The other glance also sees the difference between the systems analogical and digital and the importance that the use of images in mass media has, or are graphical or televising, street publicity, pages of Internet etc.

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